Stop The Bailiff

‘Help! I’ve had a Bailiff call.
What can a Bailiff take?
How can I stop the Bailiff?’

If you are having Bailiff trouble, you’ve come to the right place.
We don’t do IVAs. We don’t help you write off debt.
We don’t get involved in negotiating with your creditors, nor do we give debt or legal advice.

What we do is, we guide you through the process of dealing with Bailiffs, how to keep hold of your own possessions and how to minimise any charges that they might impose.

This can result in a massive saving against the demands of the Bailiff.

We Can Stop The Bailiff

We don’t like Bailiffs, we don’t like what they do and we don’t like how they do it.
Some are OK, decent guys, with empathy, others are not.
Not all Bailiffs will act in a threatening way. Some will be fair and polite.
The trouble is you donít know which type you will get.
Also, they are all the same in this way,
They all try to get inside your house and take your possessions.
They hit you with added costs and they don’t negotiate. They can artificially inflate charges and frequently this hits people when they can least afford to pay, causing undue stress and hardship.

We Can Stop The Bailiff

This is an industry that has seen systematic illegal practices over many years.
Bailiffs are not well regulated and are cash driven.
They are self-employed and on commission.
They have power.
Power tends to corrupt…

BBC reporter Jim Wheble, in a Whistleblower special, broadcast on Tuesday 26 September 2006, concluded that Court Bailiffs routinely con debtors and illegally break in to peoplesí homes to claim money.
You can read an account of his investigation on the Mail Online.

They are scary!

If you’ve had a Bailiff call already, you know they are scary.
If you haven’t and one is due, then you are in for a shock.
You think you can handle situations.
You think you are a good negotiator.
You think you can control this.
You’re wrong.
You can’t. You won’t.
They will.
They have all the cards to play and they don’t lose money in this game.
Fear is the key weapon in the Bailiff’s armoury.
They thrive on your fear and ignorance of the law.
There is evidence of Bailiffs lying or misrepresenting their powers.
Also, of charging for visits never made, ‘phantom visits’.
This can result in illegally inflated fees.
They know the rules of the game and they know how to cheat.
Most times they win.
They don’t have to win.  

We Can Stop The Bailiff

Bailiffs don’t act like normal people.
They have heard it all, seen it all, they are immune to sentiment, to reason.
They don’t negotiate, they don’t hear what you say, they don’t care what you say.
They will bully, intimidate, harass and often they will lie.
They are there for one reason and one reason only.
They want money. Your money. They want it all and they want it now.
They want to add costs and after that, add more costs. And after that? Add even more costs!
If they can’t get money, they want to levy on your goods, take your things and sell them.
They’ll take, on average, goods to the value of 10 times the outstanding debt and fees,
sell them, deduct costs and give you back the price of a cup of coffee, if you’re lucky.


We Can Stop The Bailiff

 Not by reason, not by negotiation, not ‘because they are only human’, let’s forget that idea.
They have power and they love to use it.
They can be stopped by the law .
It is the only way to stop them.
Knowing the law, applying the law.
Letting them know you know the law and hitting them with the right documents.
You can hit them in the pocket.
Often charges raised are unlawful and disproportionate.
Therefore they are not payable or, if paid already, they are refundable.
We can help on:
Council Tax and Rates.
Parking and Vehicle Clamping.
Magistrates’ Fines.
And any other reason you are being pursued by the Bailiff.

We Can Stop The Bailiff

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